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UWHC promotes optimal health for all Utah women through collaborative planning, community action, and policy/systems change.

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Explore The “7 Domains of Women’s Health”

A woman’s health is determined not just by her physical health, but also by 1: physical, 2: social, 3: emotional, 4: intellectual, 5: daily environmental, 6: financial, and 7: spiritual factors.

Read or hear Dr. Kirtly Parker-Jones talk about the 7 Domains (August 7, 2014 — her initial podcast).

Listen in as Dr. Parker-Jones, OB/GYN at the University of Utah, takes calls and talks about various health and family issues from both a woman’s and a health expert’s point of view (in her regular feature “Seven Domains of Women’s Health” on The Scope podcast from the University of Utah).


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